Intro Video  Video 1  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4  Video 5

To view the videos just pass your mouse over the the solid black box below text indicated near page bottom. These videos can be saved to your your system by right clicking on the video and choosing "save video as" you then can assign your own name. When a page is selected that has a video the video load time is governed by your internet connection. You can select other items to view on page until the video loads.


Internet Explorer 7 Users

To view the videos you must do the following

1. Select Tools 

2. Internet Options

3. Security 

4. Custom Level

5. In the SETTINGS window that opens up scroll down to " Display Video and Animation on a WebPage that does not use an External Media Player" Enable that option.

6. Select OK

7. If a Warning about changing the settings for this zone appears SELECT YES

8. When you return to Internet Options select OK or Apply at the bottom of window.

9. Try to View the Video. It might be necessary to restart Your Browser.


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